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TCL Security is on-call 24/7

If you’re stranded because of car key or transponder troubles, our experienced and well-equipped locksmiths can come to the rescue any time, any day, and anywhere in the Cairns area.

When we’re not rescuing motorists up the creek without a paddle because of damaged and lost keys, we are busy repairing, replacing, re-keying, and reprogramming keys to order.

Our locksmith experts carry a wide range of key blanks and have all the technology on-board to program transponders and activate chipped keys.

If you’re suspicious that someone else might have your key or transponder, we can cut and code a replacement and make sure your vehicle’s security is not at risk any longer.

It’s a good idea to have a spare in any case. We can quickly duplicate a spare for you, complete with programming.

One of our mobile vans can come to you or you can drop in and see us at our Cairns headquarters—145 Bunda Street.

Car Lock Picking — Locksmith in Cairns, QLD
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